Notre engagement : La recherche continue de l’excellence de nos produits et services.

Offers and Solutions


  • Our products are simple and easy to use.


  • The active principle lies in using micro-organisms which feed on organic substances (waste).

    They digest these substances, leaving the water, gas and mineral salts that can be directly assimilated by the environment.

Ecology and respect for life

  • Our products are eco-conceived and we use active substances produced from renewable sources as part of our focus on sustainable development.


  • We produce our products on the basis of biotechnological research and development and demonstrate their effectiveness by comparison tests with traditional chemical products.

* Class 1 micro-organisms as per the EFB (European Federation of Biotechnology), directive 2000/54/EC, non-pathogenic, non-genetically modified and non-hazardous to humans or the environment.

Our Mission: To protect users and the environment through the control of bio-technologies as part of the commitment to sustainable development for present and future generations..